What a week!

It seems like yesterday and like ages at the same time since I've started my social media adventure.

I did not have any particular expectations when joining, apart from receiving an honest feedback about my work.

So, how did it go?

I have my first followers liking my posts, so I feel appreciated :) I also didn't imagine how big of an inspiration bucket Instagram is. My brain is on fire and I have million ideas.

Now, it is all about to make them happen. 

I am continously overwhelmed by so many talented people out there and I see how long of a journey is ahead of me. But, hey, this is exactly what I wanted. 

I also need to work on crafting-posting balance, because making good and crisp photo to post sometimes takes more time that crafting it! I guess it will all come with an experience. 

If you read this, please give me a shout on Instagram, so that I know if you like my blog or not! 

Talk to you later :)