Do all things with love

I don't know how about you, but I always struggle with tasks I don't like doing.

For situations like that, my motivational picture hangs right behind my desk, so I can always remind myself to do all the things with love :) Will completing a task with love help me to like it more? Nope. Often not. It will, however, make me peaceful and help me to accept it as it is. 

Alright, enough of philosophizing, this supposed to be my crafting, not life journal! 

I really had fun doing this ink blending background, especially that I have never done it before. Watching tutorials is always helpful, but there is sooooo much to learn.

Nevertheless, I realised how easy doing something pretty can be and I feel bit less overwhelmed today. 

I hope you like the picture as I do, let me know on Instagram @crazycraftladyfun! 

Talk to you later :)